Ordering Tires Is Fast and Easy at Our Tire CenterĀ 

When shopping the Genuine Kia Parts and Accessories catalog there are a lot of fun things you can add onto your Kia to make it more stylish, functional, and easier to clean. Ordering these items is often exciting, but do you know what people don't often look forward to buying? Tires.

They're big, bulky, can be costly (especially if we're talking about winter tires), and they aren't a feature one really gets to show off like say a roof rack or new sporty shift knob.

That said, they're one of the most important parts of the vehicle! Without them you wouldn't be going anywhere and if yours are low on tread then you won't get the necessary traction for safe driving in both good and bad weather.

Knowing how people feel about tire purchases, we at Transitowne Kia want to provide a fast and easy way for you to order a new set and help take away some of the headache.

You can find your tire size in your owner's manual or you can input the make and model year information and we'll select the option. We're able to order tires from major brands and we'll let you know if there are competitive sales or mail-in rebate offers, that way you can save on this major purchase.

Not sure if you need new tires yet? It's easy to check and monitor your tread, that way you don't feel blindsided when you're in for an oil change and find out your tires are due for retirement. Just take a quarter, face Washington towards you, flip it upside down, and check to see what the tread covers. If you can see above Washington's head, it's time for a new set and you can order through our tire center page!