Wheel Alignment for Your Kia Car or SUV


Did you just get new tires installed? Has it been a few years since your last alignment? It could be time to schedule an appointment with our service team to have your Kia Sorento, Forte, or Optima seen by our team of professionals. When you do it and how often varies by model, but often a car with wider tires, or is sporty like the Kia Stinger, require this service more often. Gauging whether your car needs an alignment is something we've all had to deal with, and you shouldn't try to guess on your own whether the time has come for a visit to our service department for this reason.


Do I Need an Alignment? Why is it So Important?


Trying to guess whether your vehicle needs an alignment before the regularly scheduled appointments is something we have all gone through. Whether you've hit a pothole, or simply been able to avoid the rough roads near home, it's important to recognize the signs that you need to forgo the recommended timeline for an alignment and have one done now. Of course, we also realize that some drivers don't have an alignment as often as it's suggested, which is why it's just as important for them to know the signs of a bad alignment. They include:

  • If driving straight, your vehicle tends to veer off-center on its own
  • If your tires are screeching when you turn your vehicle
  • Noticing the tires are wearing unevenly is a big tipoff

If you notice that your Sportage or Soul has uneven wear on the tires, that's an especially disheartening sign that you need your alignment checked and failing to do so can cause issues with your tires down the road. You wouldn't want to risk a blowout or flat, or worse, being unable to stop in inclement weather due to worn tire tread.


If you want to check your alignment, or you know it's been long enough that the time has come for this appointment, then contact us today. We can schedule you for this service and get you in and out in no time.


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